Pure Water Damage

For water damage situation, immediate action is crucial. Pure Proof Inc. responds immediately and uses advanced equipment and techniques for water elimination swiftly. Our team of water leak repair services looks asses carefully and implement the drying process to confirm your property is dried correctly and thoroughly.

Our advanced equipment aids in the detection of hidden moisture, extraction of the standing water speedily, and thoroughly clean and dry your home and possessions. The water service line leak repair ends with professional deodorization and sanitizing agents for additional comfort.

Pure Wind Driven Rain

At Pure Proof Inc, we manage wind-driven rain and keep spaces dry and safe in all situations. Wind and rain tend to interact with a building’s form to cause rainwater to move and accumulate in unpredicted ways. When the condition occurs, the wind can carry rain into exposed areas, sometimes in unexpected ways that can damage properties by shaping unfavorable airflows.

It can result in danger, making floors, dangerously slippery, and electrical circuitry exposed to water can be a threat to life. The leak repair services are provided to diminish the unexpected flow of water into your home. The good news is that Pure Proof Inc. is here to help and solve wind-driven rain situations for your convenience and safety.

Pure Storm Damage

Storms occur with little warning and can be devastating and disturbing, needing instant action. At such catastrophic storms and situations, you need the company with storm damage experience and knowledge to ease the condition immediately.

At Pure Proof Inc., we have the expertise and the resources to handle any size disaster. Our clients trust us to rise to the occasion and handle the emergency.

Pure Natural Disaster

In the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, wildfires, droughts, and other natural disasters pose the greatest threat to our country. We take instantaneous response after a disaster to instigate the recovery process. We understand that the tremendous damage to your home is incredibly stressful, and the recovery process can seem daunting.

Pure Proof Inc. makes it their priority to ensure a fast and seamless recovery, no matter the damage. Whether there’s a flooded basement or a fire damaged roof, we acquire the experience and technology to make a home feel like home again.

Pure Structural Drying

Our structural drying techniques and processes significantly save you money and return your home to a healthy working or living environment quickly. We understand that when you experience water damage, there is a need to get work done efficiently and accurately.

Our team of basement leak repair services will take you through the whole process of structural drying services comprising of 24-hour emergency water extraction, wet flooring or carpet and sheetrock removal, mold, and microbial treatments, dehumidification and drying, carpet and flooring re-installation and restoration, entire contents packing services, and personal content restoration and refinishing.

Pure Fire/Smoke Damage

Pure Proof Inc. specializes in fire water mold services in New Jersey. If there is damage caused by water intrusion or fire that requires cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, removal, extraction, or drying, you’re in the right place. These situations cause the risk of several germ instigating bacteria as well as mold growth and can have a permanent effect on your property if it’s not treated correctly. Therefore, we solve such situations immediately after they occur.

If the fire was small or merely a smoky fire, or whether you have a failed sump pump, sewer backup, and wet pad, carpet, drywall, walls; Pure Proof Inc has the solution you need. Our smoke damage restoration team utilizes state-of-the-art methods to penetrate your damage items for eliminating the bitter odor quickly. We have organizations acquiring the skills required to carry out all types of fire and water mold services.

Pure Burst Pipe

Pure Proof Inc. is an expert in repairing pipe breaks, and its replacement and cleaning services. We are trained and prepared in the burst pipe repair services to correct several problems to save you from stress and hassle. You can trust the quality and professionalism of our work. We work on all kinds of broken, frozen cracked, offset or collapsed pipes, corrosion, leaking joints, off-grade pipe, root in the sewer pipeline, etc.

We seamlessly perform all burst pipe repair services and identify and service your pipes to ensure that they are working correctly as quickly as possible. Whether you need them repaired or replaced with new, Pure Proof Inc. is here any time of the day or night to offer you our industry-leading services.